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As you can see I need to replace/repair this. Happened to previous owner and I’m just getting to fixing it. Can anybody help by telling what color wires go to what? My tach is the only thing I’ve noticed in dash gauges that isn’t working.





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That is the connector between the main harness and the sub harness for the console gauges.  It looks like the black ground wire on the main harness is damaged and/or fried.  Otherwise the connector and its wires look healthy to me.  The damaged black should be replaced.  The pin for the damaged wire can be extracted and replaced.

I don't think the tach is fed by this.

If your console gauges (water temp, fuel, oil pressure) are working then all is well except for the damaged ground.  You may want check if the lights for gauges are working.

Here is a link to the diagram for the sub harness.

Here are photos of the same connector in my 72.



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...In my view, First, you need to find out WHY the wire(s) Melted! (a) Fuse is there to 'Fail' and protect the wiring. Looks to me that 'if' there was a fuse on that circuit(s)...That fuse Failed to Fail! And that would happen when the circuits' 12 volts + is 'Shorted' to Ground, With-in the Circuit, BEFORE the fuse, melting the wire, instead of the Fuse, itself. Or...perhaps the fuse was of a 'Too-High' an Amperage, causing the Wire to Melt first! Yes, get the 'Correct' Wiring Diagram, there are 2 or 3, all Different! On these Panteras the Wire 'Colors' are sure to be Different!

...Correct me if wrong, it is my understanding, there is One Circuit(s) on most vehicles, that for 'Safety' Reasons, are NOT fused, and NOT 'Fuse-Linked'...that would be the circuit(s) for The Headlights! NOT the Motors!! But for the Actual 'Bulb Filament', when driving in darkness, for safety there CAN NOT be a fuse that 'Can' Blow!...therefore, as a Last 'Hail Mary', You will have Lights Until the Wire Melts!! It would be about the 'Amperage Draw'. Or, as previously stated, that Wire is Shorted.



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