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Thanks for the tips. I used and old credit card some scrap delrin shims and inserted them behind the bezel and worked them around until they popped off. Here are some pics of the mechanism in case someone in the future has the same question. Those little triangular tabs snap behind the headlight bezel. There are three, equally spaced around the ring.



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I got the Koito headlights from these guys. Toyota OEM, excellent quality with a nice sharp cut off. They look great too, so much better than the cheap sealed beams that were in there. They come with a nice harness and relays which I don't need. Ordered Monday, arrived Wednesday.

I was going to do a proper write up when I was done but I only have a single LED H4 bulb (I used them on my motorcycles). I test fit one and it worked great but I took it out and am waiting for a new pair. Should be here tomorrow.

The bulbs I use are these:

I'll post pics when I'm done.


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