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I have been researching a Weber system that appearently had been used by Kleinpeter racing. It was bought from Kleinpeter by the first owner of my Pantera, a John Kaltenbach of Akron Ohio,  who saw the add for the setup in an old PI magazine, then called a technical bulletin. The Kleinpeter name was handwritten on the old advertisement of which i have a copy. Kaltenbach had his Pantera motor rebuilt by Turbo Systems of Akron, incorporating the Weber setup.   It delivered 480 HP, not bad for a streetable car in the seventies. I bought the car in 1979 and have owned it ever since, periodicly switching between those Webers and a Holly. The carbs were fairly standard but the intake manifold was special, as it appears to have been one of a few built by Holman Moody for DeTomaso. The linkages were something else, as they were cut,  and reconfigured and rewelded more than once. I have no idea why.

I am posting this inquiry because I saw an old post by Rocky that included Kleinpeter information. I dont know you Rocky, but maybe you are an oldtimer like me and maybe you andor  others know Kleinpeter and his racing efforts. I'd love to varyfy what I have. It's fun to research these cars, many have interesting histories.


Thank you,




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Hello, Tom -

I just got into Panteras in 2012, too late to know Hugh.  I am a big fan of history, though, and have collected and scanned a lot of info from various PI magazines.

Feel free to PM me with your email address, and I'll send you electronic copies of the literature I have.

Regards -

Rocky (a.k.a Chuck)


PS>  I'm also from Ohio - Sagamore Hills / Northfield area.  Currently residing in Arizona.


I had talked to him about buying the car around '76. My ears are still buzzing and still can't get a word in even sideways.


It's a long time ago but I think that I talked to Gary Hall about that car. I want to say that the car had essentially been turned into a tube chassis car with flip front and rear ends like  a GT40?

I think shortly after that (1990?) the car burned to the ground?


Interestingly enough, I remember seeing this pic of the burned remains. There's another here of the car as I remember it from Sebring  in 1978 or 79. Both pictures are as seen posted on the internet now.

That's all that I remember about the car. I believe it is referred to as #1608? That would be a 71 push button?


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...Hello, what was Kleinpeters' Racing Number? (on his car)? I have a couple of photos of (A) Yellow Pantera, Exact Color, racing at, what we then called, Sears Point. It was the IMSA 'Camel' Series Road-Race in 1984-(5) Can't remember.

I believe that pantera was doing very well...may have even been in the lead. We were on the hill at the exit of the 'Caracelle' Turn, when the Yellow Pantera shot under and past us, right to left. Then suddenly pulled-off the track, out of the race, never to start again. I heard later, it might have been a Electrical Failure to the Ignition, even though he was running Dual Ignition Systems. I'll try and locate those pics and post them here.

...I Also heard 'someone' mention, "A Pantera has Never Finished at Sears Point!"


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#1603 flew by me sounding glorious on the high banking during practice for the 1978 Daytona 24 hours, but scattered the engine shortly thereafter for a DNS. Our Bondurant 260Z #91finished 24th, with Kleinpeter's #88 listed as 69th/DNS in these RSC results.


I'm not sure if this photo was taken before or after the motor expired.00001

The Sebring 12 hours of 1978 resulted in a 12th place finish for our now #99 260Z, with a DNF in 67th place for the now #86 Kleinpeter Pantera, and a DNF/56th place for the #4  red Pantera #2846.


Sebring 1#1603

Sebring 2pant3C1MFzQTW8AAm6cb

Sebring 3Sebring Pantera [2)

Sebring #2846#2846

In this video our #99 260Z is seen at 5:59 and the Kleinpeter Pantera at 6:04.

And in this 1984 IMSA GT at Sears Point, a 27th place/DNF was the result in the race mentioned by Marlinjack.


Judging by the background, this may very well be #1603 at that Sears Point race.2021-07-26 [2)

and finally another (later?) unknown track photo of 1603. Hugh Klienpeter


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