I have been researching a Weber system that appearently had been used by Kleinpeter racing. It was bought from Kleinpeter by the first owner of my Pantera, a John Kaltenbach of Akron Ohio,  who saw the add for the setup in an old PI magazine, then called a technical bulletin. The Kleinpeter name was handwritten on the old advertisement of which i have a copy. Kaltenbach had his Pantera motor rebuilt by Turbo Systems of Akron, incorporating the Weber setup.   It delivered 480 HP, not bad for a streetable car in the seventies. I bought the car in 1979 and have owned it ever since, periodicly switching between those Webers and a Holly. The carbs were fairly standard but the intake manifold was special, as it appears to have been one of a few built by Holman Moody for DeTomaso. The linkages were something else, as they were cut,  and reconfigured and rewelded more than once. I have no idea why.

I am posting this inquiry because I saw an old post by Rocky that included Kleinpeter information. I dont know you Rocky, but maybe you are an oldtimer like me and maybe you andor  others know Kleinpeter and his racing efforts. I'd love to varyfy what I have. It's fun to research these cars, many have interesting histories.


Thank you,




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Hello, Tom -

I just got into Panteras in 2012, too late to know Hugh.  I am a big fan of history, though, and have collected and scanned a lot of info from various PI magazines.

Feel free to PM me with your email address, and I'll send you electronic copies of the literature I have.

Regards -

Rocky (a.k.a Chuck)


PS>  I'm also from Ohio - Sagamore Hills / Northfield area.  Currently residing in Arizona.


I had talked to him about buying the car around '76. My ears are still buzzing and still can't get a word in even sideways.


It's a long time ago but I think that I talked to Gary Hall about that car. I want to say that the car had essentially been turned into a tube chassis car with flip front and rear ends like  a GT40?

I think shortly after that (1990?) the car burned to the ground?


Interestingly enough, I remember seeing this pic of the burned remains. There's another here of the car as I remember it from Sebring  in 1978 or 79. Both pictures are as seen posted on the internet now.

That's all that I remember about the car. I believe it is referred to as #1608? That would be a 71 push button?


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