I connected the distributor to what I thought was the cable coming from the coil/resistor block.

In no time the car was full of smoke and the points and wiring were fried.

Luckily I had 2 new sets of points and a condenser, so made up a new cable set the new points at 20 thou gap, and went to look at the wiring diagram. This proved a bit difficult I couldn't find one with the resistor block I have on my car, so here I am for help please. I don't want to set fire to it again!!
Pic 1

Can anyone confirm that the wire from the distributor, fits to the connector that can just be seen on the top left of the resistance block.

I took this pic before I renovated the engine bay car is 3840 euro GTS model 1972.

As you can see things aren't going too well at the moment, and its started raining!!
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The red wire from the nylon connector goes to the top left terminal of the resistor.

The bottom left terminal of the resistor goes to the BAT (+) terminal of the coil.

The blue wire form the nylon connector goes to the top right terminal of the resistor.

The bottom right terminal of the resistor goes to the NEG (-) terminal of the coil.

The wire to the distributor points should be (factory) connected to the blue / black wire that is in the other half of the nylon connector, which is not visible in your pic.

Hello John,

thank you for the info, I have just nipped into the garage and seen the blue/black cable you mention that should then feed the distributor.

I couldn't find the other end of it but I will tomorrow, bedtime for us all over here so goodnight and thank you very much indeed, Pete.

As delivered, the B/BK wire to the tach is connected to the points side of the resistor.

The orange wire (resistor bypass) is used on later cars, and those (later) cars used a resistance wire (from the ignition switch) instead of a ceramic block resistor.


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