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I'm upgrading to the Duraspark I system in the next few days and was lucky enough to locate NOS stuff, plus a rebuilt distributor. The attached pic is my current wiring from my points system and you can see the relay Bosch mini-relay I installed to the right of the coil. I want to clean up this wiring and have a question on some of the wires on the coil + terminal:

1. The red wire at 11 O'clock is for my choke

2. The wire with the black heat shrink at 1 O'clock is the power supply from the relay.

3. The paired wires at 5 O' clock, I have zero idea? When i turn the ignition on their is no current going to them? Maybe used for starting on the stock ignition. I know I won't need them per GPs wiring diagram for the Duraspark I. Any ideas?



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A little help here, please.

The two wires at 5 o’clock, have you traced them to see what else they connect to or where they disappear?

if you have already done that, please share. Or conversely, please share after you have traced the wires  

viewing 3 inches of wires and expecting anyone to identify them is asking a bit much, IMHO


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These wires pop out of the OE wire harness and I will trace back this weekend. I looked at the wiring diagrams for late models  and didn't see these wires is what has left me head scratching. Mine is #9193 and I don't have a ballast resistor. Prior owner had these wires attached to + side, so I left them. When I install the Duraspark I was planning to power the choke directly from the hot output of the relay.

Like Forest said, powering the electric choke off ANYTHING wired to the ignition will drop power to the coil and act like a rev limiter at about 4000-4500 rpms. The ignition needs a full 12v to work properly, which is also why one shouldn't use the ballast or the '74 resistance wire. Use a hot wire off the starter, alternator or run a dedicated switched wire off the fuse block to power such accessories.

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