I think I'm gonna take the plunge on a Euro 5s....does anyone know where I could look to find info on what it might cost me to bring it here??? I have a friend/aqcuaintance who has done this before but miraculously he has dissappeared on me. Thanks guys....lets hope the US $ gains some ground on the Euro and I'm in!!!
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On the actual shipping side, there are a number of providers and levels of service from shared shipping to dedicated containers. You are in a good location and I would do some calling around to local freight and International moving companies for leads. It's so much easier if you can deal with someone local.

You should be able to ship in a dedicated container for around $2500, the cheaper routes usually involve you turning up at the dockside with the car and drive it straight into the container and be there off loading at the destination, plus they are often shared containers, witha anything else that's going your way! If you want door to door service and all the paperwork handled for you expect to pay a big premium.

PM Coz as he brought the GT5 over from Italy. Within the last week on the DeTomaso list someone posted they returned to the US from a 4 yr UK assignment and brought back a Lotus Esprit. It may be worth a search and follow up there as well.

However, as discussed elsewhere on the PIBB very recently you will likely find even the best shipper in the World won't help you get a 5S in to the US and past DOT until it is 25 years old!

I cannot comment on what is involved in bringing in a GT5S to the US, only to say that according to a friend of mine who should know, Pat Mical, it cannot be done. Also it is very unlikely that the US dollar will strenghten against the euro, unless you have a sudden change of president!! Currently as far as I know there are no GT5S for sale less than about 60k Euro, the least expensive one I know of is in Germany asking 59k Euro, but it has a pretty naff rear spoiler and a bad wheel/tyre combo. Wish you luck in your effort to buy one.
I shipped my '72 Pantera from NYC to France, and three years later shipped it from France to California. I can tell you all about the SHIPPING process, but can tell you little about the IMPORTATION process, since I ran it on US plates the whole time it was in Europe.

Drop me a PM and I'll give you all the details. Summary - shipping the car was far easier and far less expensive than I thought it would be. I shipped my Pantera in '98 or '99 and it cost me $750, including all taxes, fees, and insurance. France to CA was a little more expensive - roughly $1100 in 2002.

The major shipping companies won't deal with people like you and me - you need a broker. My broker, who has since retired, did a nice job of handling all the paperwork.

My car went on a RORO, a roll-on, roll-off. Basically a big ferry. It is the method used by all the car manufacturers to transport their cars across the ocean. The cars go sealed in the hold, just like crossing the English Channel.
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