These spacers came with my Pushbutton project car.  It looks like they go between the engine mounts and the frame of the car.  Does anyone have experience with these?  The nut driver is included in the photo to give perspective of the size of the spacers.




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There's really only one place that has triangulated bolts like that and that's the engine chassis mounts, maybe they are Jacking pads for under the chassis? Unless PB's had some early form of engine mount that required raising?

I thought they were jack pads at first.  But they are aluminum and there are not any jack markings on them despite having been in service based on their patina and other wear marks.  Today I realized they are probably spacers because I am having clearance issues with the coolant tube that goes under the AC compressor.  The compressor is sitting too low by by the approximate width of the spacers.  

The spacers are now installed and the clearance issue with the coolant tube under the compressor is resolved.

The car came with a set of steel jack pads that were never installed.  I assumed that the spacers were part of the jack pad set, and I was getting reading to sell the set.  It is a good thing I tried to install the compressor and came across the issue.

Steve, I had the same clearance issue due to some changes I made but resolved it by grinding a semicircle in the pinch-weld on top of the right lower subframe. Now the lower coolant tube fits into the ground-out area without having to lift the powertrain. I did it with all the parts in place; it would have been much easier if the engine and coolant tube were gone.

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