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Hi David -

I did a little checking into this, and I sort of convinced myself that there was ANOTHER Jack Webb (not of Dragnet fame) that was at one time a relatively high ranking person in POCA.

While I wanted it to be true, I could never make the "Dragnet" connection.

I would be happy to be proven wrong...

What my detective work has been able to uncover from the Mailing List...

Tuesday, 30 Sept. 2014

Learned that TV Producer, Director, Writer, Actor Jack Webb of Dragnet, Adam
12 and Emergency fame owned a yellow Pantera, does any know anything more, serial #?

Michael S.

Just the facts, please.

I have a vague recollection that Jack Webb was the president of POCA a long time ago???

Ken G.

Sorry - no. Mr. Webb, like a lot of Hollywood types that own or once owned Panteras, are not joiners. The only Webb in POCA was Larry who once lived in San Jose but he was never Club President. FWIW_ J DeRyke

So this still leaves open the possibility that Jack Webb, of Dragnet Fame, Badge No. 714 owned a Pantera.

Hopefully someone has more hard evidence. I can't get a conviction on this flimsy testimony - it's hearsay.
@davidb posted:
Does anyone know anything about Jack Webb (Dragnet) ever owning a Pantera?

I just saw this post, but if anyone is still interested.

I worked at “Ford Auto Body” on Sepulveda Blvd about 1974. 

Jack Webb brought in a yellow Pantera that we custom painted Black for a birthday present for his daughter. He was there many times and was a perfectionist.
We repainted it three times until every inch was prefect. 
He was always a nice guy!  

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