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Obviously major recording artists have a need to put holes in Panteras, first Elvis, now we find out Jackie did it too - I wonder which auto museum will pay big bucks to own this piece of history?

Maybe it'll show up at BJ in the future along with the perennial favorite - the $100K Tjaarda car?

I'm a little disappointed it doesn't have wire-spoke hubcaps!


While the side pipes grab everyone's attention, you have totally missed the other fine upgrades Jackie had added to his car. GEEESH!!


The nifty Hall Pantera front nerf bumper bar.

The fancy pinstriping - visible in front, center of hood.

The two-tone paint starting at the front of the fenders, wrapping rearward, under the driver's window and onto the rear quarter.

The really NEAT torpedo racing mirrors mounted six inches ahead of the windshield. Those are RACING CAR mirrors, guys. Not some cheapo Pep Boys add-ons!!

And the vinyl roof surrounding the pop-out sunroof ALSO extends all the way down the A-pillars AND to the rear of the car on both outer sides of the sailfins.

Custom touches like this were pretty much unheard of back in the early '70's. Jackie was just a man ahead of his time.


P.S. - Some research also shows the owner of the shop that did these upgrades - and to call them any less than upgrades is just plain MEAN - is in fact the grandfather of Xzibit, the well known host of the often-copied-but-never-duplicated car aficionado's series, Pimp My Ride.

Even more amazing, the cousin of the guy who took the photos of Jackie's car was so enthralled with the entire custom Pantera theme (The Jackie Pantera photos are the crown jewels in their family's photo album collection) that he grew up, saved his money, and created this very well known and talked about Pantera:


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