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Hey everyone just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Jeremy and I live in NC. I was just able to purchase 6961 from a great guy in SC. Car was originally in Connecticut for most it's life. It's supposedly a two owner car with 24k original miles. Unfortunately only 2k miles have been put on it since 1991. The last few years the car has sat. My first plans is to rebuild the brakes as they are stuck. Where is the best place to buy a complete brake kit? If anyone sells them. I'd like to replace everything but the lines. Aftermarket braking systems will be fine. Thanks guys and I hope I don't get on your nerves as I know nothing about Pantera's so I will have a lot of questions.


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Congratulations on becoming an owner.

It looks like you still have 15 inch wheels. You will be limited by your wheel size to what aftermarket brake upgrades will fit within those 15 inch wheels.

there is nothing inherently wrong with a stock braking system in proper working condition. Many owners have been pleased switching brake pads to the R4S compound sold by Porterfield.

OEM rebuild kits are available from the vendors. Be aware the rebuild kits do not include the O-ring that is used between the two caliper halves.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question if it is honestly asked. You’ll find varying opinions on some topics, but our goal is to help you create a car to your personal and driving needs.


A665FEAE-795B-48ED-8769-4412A975E32BLooks like a great car.

In addition, a simple modification you might consider is blacking out the rocker panels, and perhaps the appropriate areas on the back of the car.

It gives the car thinner, cleaner look in my (and Tom Tjaarda’s) opinion.

Good luck with the upgrades and enjoy the car!


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These exhaust hangers are a perfect replacement part for our cars, much cheaper than our vendors, and most importantly, these are actually flexible unlike the ones our vendors seem to be selling.


The leaking reservoir is a common problem, I will let others comment on that as I use an aftermarket unit

lots of things to consider when addressing the air conditioning system. You should probably make that a separate post in the appropriate section, describing what you have, and what you would like to have.



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Re: brakes - why not try rebuilding your stock brakes before switching to an aftermarket brake system? Most Pantera owners are perfectly happy with stock brakes, if they are working properly. I have to wonder how many Pantera owners switch to aftermarket brakes in order to solve a maintenance issue. One of our Vendors told me (after a few drinks 🍺) most fall into that category.

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Larry Stock Pantera Parts Connection in Carson City  sells rebuilt brake components.  I'll let others chime in with that as as an option as I have not tried him personally.

Search this forum for the clutch master as there have been many failures of cheaply made repos.   If I needed one, I would go with an Alfa unit from ATE or Centerline.   There is a very long thread on this topic recently.  

For AC, I live in San Diego, so the weather here is very mild, but even if I had AC that worked, I would never use it.  Just my view.  

Good luck and welcome to the madness.

Hi Jeremy,

Congrats on your "new" Pantera!  And welcome to the family!

Attached is a list of the "Best Fixes for under $20" that you need to perform (or check if they've been done) on your car.

As for brakes, there's no need to spend thousands of dollars on brake upgrade kits if you don't plan to track your car.  Stock Pantera brakes in good tune will lock all 4 tires.  Don't spend thousands of dollars extra to be able to do the same thing!

Anyway, the first thing you need to do is rebuild your stock brake calipers and upgrade to Porterfield R4S pads.  That is probably the most bang for the buck you will get on a brake upgrade! 

See AsaJay's excellent article on rebuilding the calipers on page 11 of the attached POCA newsletter from January 2009.

Here are a couple more threads/articles on rebuilding your stock calipers:

AND, unless your original worn and cracked brake lines have been replaced, you NEED TO REPLACE them with new braided stainless lines.


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