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Is the rear hatch currently locked, or are you able to push the lock button and open the hatch????

The Fiat key to use will be coded FT 37 or FT 38. I do not know when the changeover occurred, but based on your VIN number I suspect FT38 will be correct for your car.

as delivered both door locks and the trunk lock were keyed alike. After 50 years there is the great possibility that one or more of those locks has been changed or replaced due to collision or some other reason.

opening the rear hatch without the key is a very difficult task. I do not have a magic, easy to do solution for that problem.

some of the lock cylinders for the door locks do contain a four digit key code number printed on them, but most of them do not. The trunk locks are very rarely marked with any key code.

It is possible all three of your locks are still the original and are keyed alike. That would be a very good thing.

once you have determined which style key you need you may find a locksmith who can cut a key by using his magic to create a pin imprint on a blank key.

If that is successful, you may find that the created key is correct for both doors and the rear hatch key. In that case, your task is complete.

as the photo shows, the Fiat locks do not use the common round pins found in most lock cylinders, but instead use stamped steel pins. These pins are very uncommon and I doubt you will find a locksmith who has ever worked on those Fiat locks.

because I love a challenge and I am dedicated to these cars, over the years I collected parts and pieces and I am now able to re-key the door and trunk locks so they all match.

I think your best option at this point is to remove one of the door panels to allow you to remove an outside door handle assembly in hopes of finding a four digit key code imprinted on the lock barrel. If you find a key code I can most likely cut a correct key for that lock. This will require complete disassembly of the lock, and this is where you will need to pay special attention and take a lot of photographs. The left hand and right hand lock assemblies vary in very subtle ways. differences that on a casual glance will go unnoticed, so extreme caution is needed.

To further complicate things, the rear hatch lock cylinder is not the same as the door lock cylinders. Same internal pieces but the housing is different.

I can re-key any of the three locks for you, I can sell you a new set of two matched door locks. I can sell you a partial or complete rear hatch lock matched to my new or your old door locks.

if you want to take the “easy” way out you could remove both of your door lock assemblies and send both of them, intact, to me and I can determine if they still match each other or if they are now two different key codes. I could return them to you with correct key(s), hopefully one would be a match to your rear hatch lock.

as already noted, without the correct key the removal of the rear hatch lock is going to be the problem child if the keys created for your door locks do not match the rear hatch lock.

welcome to the Pantera world. 😉😔



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The connection between the rod and the gray pot metal piece at the rear of the lock cylinder is a push fit ball and socket joint.

it will release with careful prying.

The plastic rod ends are easily replaced, the pot metal piece, as far as I know, is specific to the Pantera and I do not have a source for new replacements, just used  

refer to previous photo

and take photos before and after every step in the process because by the time you decide to put things back in place you don’t want to find your memory has faded.😉


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If you are correct, you have something that I have never seen before. But I do not believe you are correct.

refer to my photos previously posted and you will see that the ball portion of the joint is definitely located on the gray pot metal piece at the rear of the lock cylinder. I strongly suspect what you think is a metal tip to the rod is in fact dark plastic. If both pieces are metal there is going to be a lot of difficulty in ever getting them to properly connect. Since this is a part of the car that is very seldom modified it is unlikely someone has transplanted a part from another vehicle.

if you have any plastic trim removal tools that incorporate a V slot, like the back of a claw hammer, they may assist you in popping the joint apart


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