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So, something in my drivetrain is knocking, not the engine. So far it doesn't appear to be consistant.
I'm struggling to hear if it increases/decreases with speed, it isn't there at a stop.
It *seems* to go away if I brake firmly.
I had been told that the brake pads needed to be replaced, but I can't see how that would make this noise.

I did a quick look and exhaust doesn't appear to be hitting anything.

The car doesn't feel different.

I know no one can give me an answer off this thin info, but I was wondering
A - does this vaguely sound like any common problem?
B- Where would you start looking?
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I may be way off here but I would check the axel flange bolts at the gearbox. Even slightly loose can cause that.
It's obviously a rotating component since it is not present when stopped and the brakes would load any slack when braking.
Like I said, I may be miles from accurate in the idea.
Not sure if you cleared the noise issue. At one time I had the same thing happening. It would increase with speed then go away for a time, then come back. Hope your sitting down while reading this. I shot a ring gear bolt out of the bottom of the ZF case. All ten bolts had come out and were in the case when I dropped it. The ring gear didn't come off. But it could have... The noise was each both hitting before dropping to the bottom...
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