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Lloyd -
I've been every year for the past 5 (when I bumped into you with Mike Drew). But this year we are passing, in favor of the Classic Le Mans and International DeTomaso meeting in July. Too bad!

I will be attending in 2007, and have a small group of people I've convinced to go as well. Will most likely be in Camping Bleu - it's been good to me. So give a holler if you decide to go next year!
Number 18 coming up this year, Le Mans is the one event beyond all others not to miss.

The actually race tickets and accommodation are cheep enough but for those of you who haven’t been the French Plod (Police to our American friends) have absolutely no sense of humour, I’m sure that’s shocked you?

Minimum fines are about £100 now and I was relieved of £500 on the spot a couple of years ago and its getting worse. Basically they can dream up pretty much anything they want and stick their hand out, if you don’t pay they take you to a cash point and if then you can’t pay they will keep your car.

I also know of somebody who was done £4000 although I hasten to add he was doing nearly 200 mph in a Diablo, as I said no sense of humour

Anyway to the few of you I briefly met last year I hope to see you again although the DeTomaso will still not be ready so (mentioned in a hushed tone) I’ll be in the new 996 Turbo S Porsche this year. Still over 500 BHP might get me off the hook?

No? I thought not!

Oh yes, I nearly forgot with the World Cup (Soccer to our American friends) in Germany at the same time I think it is a fair bet that this years event will be a pretty damn rowdy affair. Hopefully
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