Hey was wondering if anybody has any info on the long and newman panteras ..I found one for sale and wanted to know more about them..it's just the body and chassi .what is something like this worth in good condition..is it worth building or should a guy stay away from these?
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Check your POCA member directory for contact info for Raymond & Mark Krivanek. They have a Long & Neuman Pantera.

Here's a link to another one. You might be able to contact the owner to learn more from him:
A few more pics:

These probably make an excellent foundation for a track car given the tube frame (steel box) construction and fiberglass body. Although I have no idea on value.
According to ex-POCA Prez Les Gray who once worked for Long & Newman, there were two different chassis built. Most were made to take a front-drive Citation 2.6-l V-6 engine, transaxle & clutch plus hubs mounted in back with the steering arms locked. Think Fiero- the exact same engine/trans & hubs were used by Pontiac a few years later. A few L&N chassis were made to take a V-8 & ZF transaxle. Obviously, the tube frame could be altered either way but I think all the bodies were the same- taken off molds from a real Pantera. Some body parts will interchange with the steel parts.
You're right, but with 20 years of hindsight, the kits serve two purposes: some of the panels interchange with stock steel parts which helps racers and people on a budget resurrecting a wrecked steel car. And because of the separate tube frame that can take a variety of engines & suspensions and with the body removed is simple to work on, real-racers including drag racers, liked the L & N kits. I've seen two running - one street licensed with a V-6 in back, and one with a 427 low-riser front-engine A/dragster that turned high 9's a decade ago. That's besides Dennis Quella's road-racer.

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