Hi everyone, I am a new member her and for full disclosure I'm not an actual Pantera owner, not that I wouldn't love to own one.  I am posting here as I have been on the hunt for the unicorn of EFI intakes for the small block ford.  Posted here is a picture of none other than 1 of 8-12 original Trick Flow intakes.  This never went into actual production, but was advertised a fair bit in the late 80's as I recall.  I have managed to track one owner down, which is where the picture came from, but he is unwilling to sell.  

The reason I am posting here is that I came across some information that a Pantera owner living in either East Texas or Cleveland, Ohio has one installed on their car.  At least that is the information I have gathered from internet lore.

If you or someone you know has such an intake would you mind letting me know.  I am interested in purchasing it for my own project that has been close to 15 years in the making.

 Thanks for your help.

Mike B.

email: mbollman@bollmans.com


TFS Dual - topside


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