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Hi "Benchu",

I can't remember if the alternor has been moved due to the integration of my stroker engine but regarding the position of the ignition switch, it is the way the last series Goose came out of the factory with other details like rear defroger, handbrake located at the right of the driver seat, ...
I suspect the all exterior black trim was also part of the last series but I'd never had any confirmation about that.
1266 was built in 1971 and it really is one of the very last produced and she certainly crossed 1st serie Panteras into the factory at that time...
Never heard about a 347 Ford small block that could be integrated in a Goose but heard a lot of nightmares of so-called tuned engined that blowed out after being integrated... Watch out !
I use my 342 since more than 2 years now and have driven it about 10K miles since and never encountered any issue (engine related...). The only real drawback was... pricing, but to me, it was really worthwhile and I'd be ready to do it again considering how happy I am with it.

PI mag published a story about 1266 and its engine specs & integration, if you send me an e-mail adress, I'll be happy to send it to you.

All the best,

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