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Hi All,
I need some advice on choosing the right mufflers for my car. Presently I have Mind Trains that have become very loud over the years. I want an unrestrictive muffler /glass packs with little bit less sound. Original Ansa are not an option since they are restrictive and don’t have deep sound I am looking for. I have read good things about Magnaflow mufflers. As I understand they have good flow but do they also sound good? How do they sound at low rpms? Which Magnaflow are recommended for our cars and their part numbers. I've read that short mufflers sound better than longer ones. Is it possible to put resonators in tail pipes that would decrease the sound of the Mind Train system without losing power? If yes, then where can I buy these for 3 inch outlets. Any advice would be very helpful.
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Shah, a written description of a sound is like a written description of a kiss.... not too satisfying. What you need to do is either attend one of the big Pantera events like the Phoenix Fun Rally where virtually none of the cars have the same mufflers, and ask the owner to fire one up. Or find someone on the Web who's in your location and has mufflers you're interested in, call and arrange a meeting.
I like your request. In every single Internet search on Pantera mufflers, the one thing that is never mentioned is the muffler's main function: to MUFFLE industrial-strength explosions of gasoline inches behind your ears to a socially acceptable point. They all concentrate on power loss or gain. A $20 Radio Shack dB meter would help if its data was included in some of the dyno runs, even though dB readings aren't much better at describing a sound to our ears. Flowmasters have 12 DIFFERENT models, you know!
We use the Magnaflow mufflers a lot in the exhausts we build at the shop. They are decent quality and because they are made from stainless they last a while. At lower RPM's they have a nice mellow rumble but at high rpm's they pretty much sound like an uncorked exhaust. I do love the sound from these but they are by no means quiet. We have 2 3" offset in-out Magnaflows that are fairly large on the our Meteor and it is crazy loud anywhere above cruise. That being said I used a couple on a dual 3" exhaust on a LS 396/480 and it sounds fantastic. On average we have been very happy with them. The smaller the muffler housing the louder the sound. I typically prefer the sound from the larger models as they are less raspy. As for the resonators you can get these from Vibrant performance. They are also made of stainless. They do work but dont expect miracles from a resonator. I have only ever noticed a small difference.
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