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So, we all know it's difficult enough searching for parts is for a Goose, I needed one door lock mechanism which had been incorrectly replaced and couldn't find it anywhere.  Finally meet an Alfa guy who sold me (cheap, it's off an  Alfa S2 Spider if anyone is interested) a mechanism that has the facility for the button on top of door. Not identical but v v close and the same in functionality.

In fitting this to car, while it all works as it should, it now transpires that the button at top does lock the door, BUT the key doesn't unlock the door from the outside when the button is pushed down nor does there seem to be any facility on barrel or mechanism for the key / barrel to "command" the button to go up and unlock.  OK, so if I'm in the car it's not a big deal, I just pull the button  up and thankfully, you can't slam door shut and lock the door with button down. I guess if you're knocked out in a crash with the door locked someone would have to smash the window anyway, if keys were inside. So not the end of the world,  and at moment I can't think of a scenario where no-one is in the car with door button down, windows up doors locked and I'm unable to open the car.

But it's still really bugging me......  is this really how they are as standard???

And here's me thinking the assembly was going ok........

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Not a Goose owner but had an early pushbutton Pantera, so until someone else comments, I would say that all sounds correct as to how mine worked.  Turning the key in the pushbutton lock barrel from the outside had no connectivity with raising (or lowering) the inside lock knob.  Been a while, but that's my recollection.  If I'm not mistaken, in theory it would be really easy to break into a buttondoor car that was locked from the outside only, as there's a pot metal piece in that (non) "linkage" that could be easily broken by a really hard rap on the button/barrel. 

...I've never thought about it, someday I'll lock the door and never try again... But that pushbutton on the door was from somebody's trunk (which of course, don't have the alternate pull). I think Denis mentioned that later cars (his) doesn't have the pull either (did I understand is unlocked from the inside by the door handle itself)?

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Well I guess that is standard then!  My door also opens from the pull handle.  The interior of my car (1028 so pretty late) from what I can tell is stock, it has the hand written Rosso on rear of the cards and they all seem to be period and the original leather.  the door top definitely have the small black ring where the pull up button goes.  As you say Lee, the pushbutton would most likely be a trunk button.


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