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A 1969 4-headlight goose, with only 124 original miles was on eBay. This car received bids up to $31K, with a buy it now of
$47,900, and didn't meet the seller's reserve.

It is "unrestored".

What do YOU think it is worth ?

You may call the seller, Roy Clarke (210) 861-4545.

Original Post

Seller had no idea of what he spewed....

Missing spare tire, spare tire mount, plus a few more things......air cleaner....

Very OBVIOUS that this was NOT a car with only 124 miles on it..... There were just too many things askew with this car....and with the statements...I don't recall them all but I think it had to do with rebuilding stuff that couldn't possibly be worn out after only 124 it was kept in a secure climate controlled invireonment....BS!

In his dreams...
..more than 124 miles on my car!
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