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I bought this set up from Wilkinson. He was adamant about the length of the hydraulic push rod and set it at his shop. The adjustable valve/pedal rod on the other hand has a bunch of adjustment. Is it just for the pedal play? Any words of wisdom? I don't want to crawl under the dash anytime in the near future again.IMG_0500IMG_0500IMG_0501IMG_0501


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Wilkinson was probably adamant about preload between the booster and master cylinder.  Some preload is needed to reduce brake pedal travel.  Not enough preload results in a lot of pedal travel.  Too much preload feels great when pressing the pedal until the brake system heats up when driving and the brakes do not release.  When this happens the car will not budge.  I am guilty of trying more and more preload to get nice brake response.

Preload adjustment is done in the front trunk, not under the dash.

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