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These are photos of the Mendeola transaxle shown at SEMA taken by Paradise Pantera member Howard Akamine. It is being marketed for the GT clone community as a ZF replacement. The company is based in San Diego. I will post more information if available when Howard returns.

I found their web site:


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I did a fair bit of research on these as a replacement. What I found was.

1. The ones that handle the high torque are expensive. Starting at $10,000. The HD-4 claims can handle 800-1100 ft/lbs in sand buggy trim but starts at $23,500. (Also see #2)

2.The available top gears and final gear ratios are much lower than what the ZF offers by a fair margin. (I talked to Mendeola about this and they claim a fair bit of interest in higher gearing so might research.)

3. Slightly longer than a ZF requiring modification like the ZF-6.

4. Heavier duty transaxles are non syncro dog style sequential shift. (Better for road racing as they generate less heat than a synchro trans)They also have built in provisions for trans cooler pumps.

The SDR as shown was one of the lower rated transaxles and was more geared toward the street folks. Judging by the materials used I think these transaxles are rated lower than actual capability and was hinted this by the folks at Mendeola. All in all though I would say these are awesome Transaxles.

I think there may be some confusion between the Mendeola transaxle and the new ZFQ that Mike Quaife is manufacturing, which is also supposed to be unveiled at SEMA.

The Quaife ZFQ is a direct replacement for the ZF both dimensionally and in output shaft location. It has been developed for the GT40 and Ultima boys.

I have some photo's I collected together from the GT40 forum as the project has progressed and I'll start a new photo album thread.
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