Greetings everyone,

I wanted to let folks know that we have just completed our replacement molded seat foam project for the late 72 through 74 Pantera.

I am now offering an excellent quality replacement seat foam for late 72-74 Pantera's. This molded seat foam fits the pan style seat frames that was used in all Pantera's starting in late 1972. This will replace your original seat foam exactly. This is not glued together foam pieces that many vendors are selling. This is a high quality reproduction of the original seat foam.

On sale for $89.95 each.

For more details and ordering information please see

Take care, Scott


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I dont suppose you do the Mangusta bucket seat?

Hi Johnny,

Sorry but I do not have any for the Mangusta. They could be done but there would need to be enough people that needed them to justify the cost of creating the mold.

Take care, Scott
Scott, you've already gotten the go-ahead on my seats, and you SHOULD have them by now. (Right?) Let me know your backlog, which I understand to be fairly healthy with some pent-up demand.

Secondly, do you sell leather for other old Italian cars? (Not the Pantera of course.) I saw you did a lot of vintage muscle, didn't know if leather was on the list of things 'coming' or not. About to make a purchase and wanted to check.
TEASER ALERT TEASER ALERT - A big ol' box arrived Friday and was neatly parked in my living room when I came home. "The UPS man struggled with that one" my wife said. I glanced at it and knew my seats had arrived.

I carefullly slit the box open, and pulled out what literally looked like a pair of brand new 1974 Pantera seats. The headrests of my originals were deemed fine, but Scott provided headrest covers too. The match is SPOT ON and the seats are beyond comfortable.

I must've NEVER sat in a 'correct original' Pantera seat before because my other ones - that I 'thought' were nice before - were NOTHING like these. The foam is actually supportive, comfortable, neat. You don't bang your butt on the ground.

I sat there like a 9 year old making car noises in my living room on a Pantera seat for about 10 minutes.

Scott, those things are works of art. WELL DONE. I promise photos are coming, thus the unintentional 'tease'.

Had a little business overwhelm lately and unable to even get with the car and play with it. When things calm down, that's my next project.

Photos will precede that work, but I just wanted to publicly thank you for the great work and fast turnaround.
"I sat there like a 9 year old making car noises in my living room on a Pantera seat for about 10 minutes. "

I can relate to your elation on the seats, only my wife won't let me have Pantera seats in the living room...maybe if they were a nice tan leather she'd be ok with it. You have a good woman...a keeper Wink .

Although...I do have an extra CAMPY Clone rear wheel sitting that my wife has urged me to make into a coffee table base with a nice glass top for our game room...just have to come up with a nice design. I was thinking of a chest high table with tall bar stool type chairs. I'm open to suggestions.
I was on the forum about two or three weeks ago and saw a very nice modern replacement seat for the Pantera that had great side bolsters but a more vintage look upholstery...I've been searching the forum for the last two hours and can't find the link....can anyone point me to that thread?
Finally got around to unloading the photos from my daughter's camera (don't ask) but here are the seats. You can't believe how nice they look, and feel. Scott did a great job - very tight seams, pattern is dead on.

The greatest thing is when I think of how flat and lifeless the old seats were. No wonder why we all want to change them out! These are just superb. As original cars get more attention and ROI, these are worth it all day long.


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Originally posted by Pantera 4134:
Nice pic of a seat with a plastic bag over it ! Wink

How about some close ups ?

PS: That red cover is ugly as hell on that green car. Does that mean that you secretly wish your car was red ?


Well aren't YOU Mr. Sunshine?! Wink If you'll get rid of that 4" monitor you can see that pic is as big as this board will allow, showing pretty good detail on the seat. (Jeff, you can actually SCROLL to the right to see more!)

The red cover fits so darn nice, that when I unwrap my green car, every day is Christmas! Though if you put it on that common red car of yours, you might forget it was there and drive off.

Tom@SealBeach, I agree, the bolstering makes THE difference in these seats. Guess I'll be rewrapping them, storing them back in the nice shipping box, and saving them for either the next owner or if I ever MUST have full originality back.
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