I'm thinking about selling one of my Panteras (74 s/n 6807 Gr4 tribute) and thought the Monterey auctions might be a good place ?

Any experiences or thoughts on either the concept or specific auction houses that are either good or bad would be appreciated !!1



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I have spent hours at each of the auctions each of the past 6 yrs, and I bought a car at RM two yrs ago. In my opinion the Mecum sale offers your best chance to realize a decent sale, provided you work for it. Start with exceptional detailing and then stick with your car until it goes on the block. During the preview hours talk with every person that comes to the car. One of them will be the buyer. An info board on the features will also help inform buyers of the features of your car. Pay for a Sat sale time.

I would choose Mecum because of the setting; easy buyer access, cars look great on the grass. Also there is food and drink available to you. RM & Gooding have super auctions and they have buyers however big horse power buyers are in abundance at Mecum. Russo & Steele had $38k & $40k sales on two Panteras last yr and I found the vibe to be a little sketchy.

The Monterey Week brings in buyers in huge numbers and a sale can be made there if you're in the right place. Or you can sell it at home, it's just going to take longer.

My opinions only. Good Luck!
Very nice! I'd suggest listing it on one or more of the Pantera websites instead. Auctions need at least 2 very interested buyers and I've seen some very high dollar Pantera's go cheap. Some have done well. If you do, absolutely have a reserve.
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