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It was the trip of a lifetime for me. I met so many warm, wonderful and helpful Pantera people and saw some amazing cars. I am at a loss for words to describe the incredible adventure - so have a look at these pics. They are just a sampling of the many awesome cars. I'll give you the story as soon as I catch my breath.


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I have 240 shots (not counting the cute girls with Orange County Lamborghini) but it took forever to upload them one by one to the site. I did it while I caught up on all the racing I had TiVo'd while away. Of course it is so overcast and misty in Monterey I had to wait for a brief moment of sun to break through to start shooting.

How about I make a BBQ for Pantera owners and I'll show you a cool slide show - with music? Or I am open to any other reason to go somewhere. Let's make a date with our CDN and US brothers who live close by.
I always thought it would be great to go there and see the cars. It is too bad that some(guessing small) of the people there tend to be arrogant.
Here is a quote from a person on a web site posted for Audi fans-
"Maybe(Pantera owners) they hope a little of the credibility of some of the other brands will lend them to an upscale image"
I'm a car lover & enjoy all type regardless of make or model. I bet most Pantera owners are like me. Its too bad that some people think like this person.

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