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Anyone know good or bad for the hand pump, refillable resorvoir one-man brake bleeders made by Motive in USA?

Seem like they would work fine for our cars on an occassional basis.

This universal one - two adapters - can get to my door from an eBay seller for $66.98



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I've used the Motive bleeder for several years, and I think it's terrific. Since I own several cars, I went to the local junk yard and picked up master cylinder caps for each, and put a fitting in for the Motive hose. The system works even better than having someone else pumping the pedal. The only thing I do differently than the instructions is that I leave the Motive bottle empty, just use is to pressurize the master cylinder, and make sure the master doesn't run out of fluid. It's just a little less messy. -Steve
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