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Take your hint from NASCAR and many other pro race teams and use TWO MSD boxes, so when- not if- the first stops sparking your plugs, you can switch to the second unit and make it home (or at least back to the pits).

For most Panteras, ANY brand of large cap distributor WILL NOT FIT. A big cap may- possibly- be made to clear the firewall, but the first time you tromp on the gas, the engine package will shift slightly on its motor mounts and the cap will hit the firewall. That will shift the cap and break the plastic rotor. The engine will abruptly stop. Unless you carry spare parts, you're going home on a tow truck- if you have cell phone coverage.

You can alter the motor mounts so the whole powertrain is moved backward at least 1/2" so big caps fit. Otherwise, use a small cap distributor. Early screens seem to have less distributor clearance than late screens with the metal center. Or if you enjoy fiddling, you may utilize a slightly shorter 351-W distributor body with a Cleveland gear and make  a little more screen clearance that way. Fact: all Ford Inc. distributors 1957-about '87 were essentially the same and internal parts swap around for tuning. Exception- some SBF dizzys used a smaller shaft which won't fit the Cleveland gear.

Boss wrench.  Thank You for the reply.   This is a modified Pantera.   So i could move the motor back I’ve tinkered with the idea.  But slightly altering the fire wall looks much easier to gain clearance.     The distributor I have in hand is the Moroso 72202 which requires double pickups and 2 boxes but i for the life of me cannot find info and wiring diagrams or specs on what other components I need to complete this system.   Electrical is not in my skill set.   So I could use this distributor if I could find someone to help me spec the rest of the system and wiring diagram.  I’ve called msd and moroso.   Tech support in this country has been eliminated. No one answers phones any more.   I’ve emailed them and NADA!    


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So at the end of the day you decide to go w/an MSD box 6A or 7AL (limiter) I just want to point out that Summit has the identical unit, made by MSD, does everything the same as the MSD control box, for $75.00 less on A-Tech. We've had no trouble with them, of course it says SUMMIT on the box, not MSD but apparently the guts, & wiring diagrams & functionality are all synonymous.

Also note there ae a few RTR distributors that will work in the Pantera engine bay. Ready To Run distributors require ~no Multiple discharge Box~ to run, only the  dedicated coil.

Finally, the best bang for the buck monetarily & quality wise is the Pertronix RTR distributor using their own dedicated coil. Easy plug & play.

The Moroso dizzie is much the same as an MSD except it has dual pickups so you can run a redundant system with a selector switch, if that is overkill for your application you don't have to run both pickups.

Here's MSD's wiring diagram for such a system using a dual pickup dizzie.

MSD dual pickup


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