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Here is a one piece Mustang rotor made by EBC and a two piece Pantera rotor. You can see that everthing is the same as far as the rotor thickness, the backset distance from the face of the hat to the disc, and the size and position of the bearing races. The only difference is the size of the studs.

You can see that the Pantera stud is made for a two piece rotor because it has two shoulders, one to pass through the rotor and the other to go into the hub. the shoulder at the base of the stud is too large to press into the mustang rotor hole and the second (knurled ) shoulder is too small.


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Original Post
Great pics, thanks for posting and showing the differences in studs. There seems to be no simple solution other than using a stock rotor and hub.

Whats interesting is there is a larger brake rotor off the TBirds that supposedly was used on the factory race cars (Centric #120.61058). Looks to be the exact design of the Pantera rotor using a center bearing hub. But it's an 11.73" diameter and 1.25" thickness and is vented. The bolt hole size is listed as .65 which matches the OE Pantera stud per your measurement.

Here are the specs:
Outer Dia:11.73"
Height: 2.34"
Nominal Thickness: 1.17"
Hub Reg: 3.25"
Bolt Size: .65"
Bolt Circle: 5 x 4.50"
Weight 17.50 lbs.

Not sure of all the other measurements and if they match the OE Pantera rotor, and our course you then have to find a different caliper and mount due to the larger diameter and thicker rotor. But maybe this is one solution for the rotor. Cheap too $114 and is available.

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