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For Sale New in the Box CHI 4V 228cc Bare Heads. $1600.00 + Shipping.

These would cost $1970.00 + Shipping from CHI.

Finally a true factory style 4V alloy head for the Cleveland enthusiasts. At CHI we realize that not everyone wants to upgrade their intake manifolds, so we went about creating a 4V head for the Cleveland enthusiasts. Designed around our 3V 218cc intake port we spent many hours re shaping the entry of the 218cc port to accommodate factory and aftermarket 4V manifolds like the Torker, Strip Dominator etc etc. Careful attention was paid during development of the opening of the port, so as to not increase the volume of the port any more than necessary and keep the velocity as high as possible. Essentially we have created a full size 4V head with a port volume smaller than most "small port" epoxied 4V heads! The new head features the same standard height "UNI" exhaust port as our 2V head allowing the use of either 2V or 4V headers. The intake opening is as per the original factory 4V heads and will accept all factory manifolds. The 4V heads come machined to accept 2.190"Intake valves and 1.650" Exhaust valves.
With 325cfm of intake airflow and easy compatibility with existing parts the all new 4V head makes for the most economical horsepower and torque upgrade available for the trusty 4V headed. At just 228cc in port volume the all new 4V flows a massive 325cfm at .700"lift, taking the 4V head to a new level of performance, never before available from a standard intake port location and size.

These heads are with the Optional 4V Chambers:
Owners of raised dome, high compression pistons to suit 4V closed chamber heads, can now order CHI heads with a 4V CNC chamber. Our 4V CNC chambers are 68cc in volume and retain our relocated spark plug location. These can also be ordered as an option by people that require increased chamber volumes for blown or stroker applications. The need to replace those high compression 4V pistons is now a thing of the past.


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