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my name is Frank and Im living in the northern part of Germany. Closed to Wolfsburg. Only 3 mls away. I have a small Ford/Mopar collection, but I've actually always looked for a Pantera.

Since 2 weeks I am the  owner of # 1594. Tag shows 6/71. The Marti Report is on the way. The first owner comes from LA. He changed the color after buying from original red to yellow. Car has been in operation only until1983. Then the car was sitting in a barn until 2016.

A Dutch company discovered the car and brought it to Europe, where it was restored. The Pantera was sanded down to bare metal and repainted to the original color. The engine was stuck and was completely rebuilt. Likewise the air conditioning and the brakes.

Unfortunately the side markers have been deleted...  looks better but its not original.

The interieur is a 7 from 10. I tried to contact serval times Hall Pantera via mail... but no response. Does Hall Pantera will not ship to Europe? Any other sources for seat covers and carpets?

I have had good experiences Summit, Jeggs, Dantes but they have no Pantera parts..

I will keep the original rims but they need to be overhauled. So I know, that magnesium wheels are a litte bit special.

I don't really know this car, so I have a lot of questions about it. I will put these in the appropriate sections.

Many thanks in advance for your comments....



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Your car is in the registry with pictures from 2016. Looked a little rough.

There is a wealth of knowledge here so don't be afraid to ask questions. Among the several websites dedicated to our cars is a great resource. You also may think about joining POCA (Pantera Owners Club of America).

There is also a deTomaso bulletin board here: I know there are several European owners who monitor it.

Frank/Nordstahl, you being in Germany, you have a unique opportunity with your car. When Ford was building Panteras for the USA, DeTomaso would pull a car or two off the Vignale assembly line as an unfinished shell, truck it to Modena and finish it according the laws in force for the country the customer lived in. He was licensed to sell Panteras to the whole rest of the World.

So after you get used to your new ride and if you feel up to the challenge, there are a number of Factory Illustrated Parts Manuals available on the POCA Web Site in California (free downloads for members). In them are listed specific parts used on Swedish, German and British Panteras as originally built. So you could maybe locate them and equip your car exactly as it would have been back in 1971 as delivered in Germany!

Some of the shops that worked with the Concessionaire for Germany (Armin Fischer down south near Stuttgardt, I believe) are still around. Things like seats, safety items, headlights, Blaupunkt or Becker AM/FM/shortwave radios and a few other unique parts- not a lot. Never heard of any other owner doing this but it might be fun for you. And you'll certainly learn a lot! Welcome!

Hi Frank

congrats..! well as you see the top notch folks are in the US

however, if you need "easy" help... I rebuilt Euro GTS 4907 (prod 12/19 delivered to Italia then) happy to help. Unfort we lost  Mr. Jäckel/Hamburg as he sold his impressive stock for "exots" as he called them.. a German guru for def a decade +

Live in greater Böblingen area BW...and we have some Panteras arround..guess 5 or 6..

on Armin Fischer/BW we need to digg..Bosswench is usually correct ...


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