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Hello. I was thinking of getting newer replica 17" Campi wheels for my 74 Pantera, but cost of those wheels and tires are a bit steep for me right now. As all you may know..15 inch high speed and proper size tires are scarce. My car has 8 inch wide front, and 10 wide rear campi wheels. After a long search, I found some Nittos that work great! I have 225/50/15 Nittos Extreme Performance front, and 275/50/15 Nittos Drag radials rear. These are V rated tires(149 mph). The rears are nearly 26" tall, and the tread measures 6/32 deep. They can last up to 15k miles, and grip like no tomorrow! My daughter Charity and I went on a twisty road, and these tires really took the turns like the car was on rails.
Since I only cover about 1000 miles a year, I am not concerned about the "softness" and low life mileage of the rear tires, the grip is worth it!
I will try to post some pics soon.
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Nitto NT555R is " a DOT approved radial tire that provides impressive control and handling, and still deliver up to 15,000 miles of tread life of normal street driving use."
The Nitto NT555R is "also very popular and exceptional on road courses, track racing..."

Directional tread design
High block rigidity, soft compounding and large contact patch provide extreme dry traction in race conditions.
Two wide steel belts and two nylon cap piles stabilize tread for superior traction AND handling.
Steel sidewall inserts provide control and stability during extreme lateral acceleration.
Spiral wound, jointless bead construction ensures high casing stability for superior control at high speed
Treadwear 100 Traction and temperature A
Cornering Stability: 9.8
Dry Traction 10+

These are not unstable tires by any means as the above data and discription shows. They have a max. pressure of 44psi. I set mine at 38 rear and 34 front on the Nitto Extremes. What can I say, it took corners as fast as I dare go...and I could tell I wasn't even close to slipping.
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