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Anyone here that has been with their Pantera at the green hell? Would be fun to see a few photos of it, hear what preparations that was done (and should have been done) and how fast did it go? Planning to go there when the winter says goodbye. Will try to get ready for that adventure during the dark months.
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What's it like? The first time you can only tiptoe around the track... There are hundreds of curves, and a funky "carousel" which scares the hell out of you the first time you see it. What do you do? Dive down into the carousel or stay above it? Will you bottom out? The second time around I followed Ulf, who dove down into it so I knew my car would make it.

You obviously drive carefully knowing that you are 2000 km from home and if you damage the car it's a long way to walk. But you finish with an adreline pump that is impossible to describe.
Hi all,
Not pantera specific but anyone heading to the ring should check out this site first, It's run by a guy
called Ben Lovejoy who is a very experienced
ringer.The site is chock full of everything
you need to know about visiting the green hell
Make sure to read the section on rules, there are allot of them (they are germans after all)
you would'nt want to get banned on your first
trip. Good luck, have fun and keep it on the black stuff.
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