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This came through my inbox recently. Bill Hair is selling a set of wheels that came off one of Jr. Wilson's old race Panteras. Here are the specs as he wrote them. For additional details, please contact Bill Hair at the following email address address:
xredmistx "at" att "dot" net:

The Rears are 26x13x15's Fronts 24.5x11x15
Hoosiers junk/scrubs.
The rims are killer beautiful and super strong.

There are good photo's of the tires and rims that also show the tire sizes and fitment close-up in the enclosed photo's.

I was thinking about $1500 bucks for the whole set , is that fair?
Just want to be sure everyone feels they got a good deal!
Any input is welcome...


They measure
14.5" Wide (*****All Dim. - outside edge of rim to outside edge of rim*****)

8.25" backspace
5.25" outside offset
1" thick center section

11" Wide

6.25" backspace
3.75" outside offset
1" thick center section

See the rest of the photos here:
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