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Does any one have or know where i can locate a complete set of these mirrors? My car is in paint so color doesnt matter.

They do show up on eBay now and then.

Expect to pay about $200 for a pair.

NOTE: The ones sold by Hall were NOT from an Omni, although many folks will say so. Close, but no cigar.

The ones Hall sold were a complete L/R set, they were both electric and they came with wiring and a switch unit that held two gimbal control levers.

Many owners never bothered with the electric hook-ups and just tossed the controls in some dark corner.

The RH mirror was ONLY offered as electric, driver's side came both manual (standard) and electric.

If moving the LH mirror elicits a 'click-click-click' then that is an electric unit. The manual units just had a simple ball-and socket mounting and make no noise when moved.

Good luck in your search.

k so let me make sure im understanding this correct

Dodge Omni, also sold as Plymouth Horizon, have the same mirrors. They are NOT what Hall sold.

That said, they also have been installed on Panteras. I believe the ones used come from later model years than the Colt, but I am not sure of the date range.

Dodge Colt, also sold as Plymouth Champ, have the same mirrors. They ARE what Hall sold.

The correct Colt/Champ model years are as you noted, 79-83.


Electric RH Colt mirror


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One thing that Hall did sell with whichever the "mopar" mirror it was, was a cover for the inside of the glass.

It isn't necessary physically but because you glue these mirrors to the glass you will see that from inside of the car if you don't use something like them. Can you be very artistic with the adhesive? Maybe use different colors?

The issues with the Pantera specifically is that the hips block a lot of the rear view unless you project the mirror out far enough to see around them.

You can't really completely fix the blind spots but you can help somewhat. You could go to a rear view camera with the screen mounted to the "rear view" mirror but will need to go to a modern electronic rear view mirror to do that.

The "new" Camaro mirrors do go a long way to seeing around the hips. They mount to the door with studs through the sheet metal but really project out from the car.

Neither one of these mirrors, the Camaro or the Mopar, swing up for "storage".

They both project out far enough to make themselves vulnerable to things like people walking by and walking into them. This also creates a problem in your garage and in any kind of a parking lot too.

4 and 5 year olds will walk straight into them taking the emergency route to their bikes and NEVER see the mirror coming. Worse yet, they will get cloths-lined riding too close on their bikes to look at the car.

The Vitaloni's do project out as well but one advantage that they do have is they do swing up for storage and have somewhat of a shock mount. At least mine do.

The problem there is they haven't been made in about 20 years or so and there are other Italian copy cat car owners that out bid you for them and put their prancing horse decals all over them like little kids do?

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