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Hi Detonator,

do you have a break down for how you mounted the Brembos was there much involved or have you purchased a pacage from a vender that has already done the work?
cheers Cj

I'm interested in the brakes too! They look awesome.

Funny, I got the brake kit from Brembo about ten years ago, they said bolt on yeah right, I am having BBR Benson Brothers in mound house Nv do the work on the under and brakes, most of the kit was straight forward, the rear e-brake needs shims, so we called Brembo, the guy calls my guy back and says wow we discontinued that kit so many years ago and to my knolage you are the first to install. Brembo wants the exact same question answered as you guys just asked lol ans asked if they could post pics on the Brembo web site.
Like I said this has been very interesting process, I am doing the motor my self, but the body and suspension I figured would be best left to peofesionals.
At some point I'll have pics of every aspect of the car, to name off all the points we have touched on the car, this is what I call a resto mod, interior and exterior were done years ago and the car sat for at least 15 years, needing a motor, I started the motor process 10 years ago, my uncle and dad took the suspension and cooling out and sand blasted the under side, car sat for another three or four years, then we found BBR Benson Brothers Racing. And here we are today, my goal is a running driving car in the next three months.

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