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A Pantera was in a TV show called “Thief”. Using the DeTomaso Registry I was able to determine specifically which car. I’ve added some screen shots to the entry for car 1922, see the Registry for photos.

Currently the link to 1922 is the most recent in the list on the “Welcome” page:

Or search the registry using the number, if the link has already scrolled by…

Here is a description:

"Thief" first aired on 4/4/2006. Story details: The main character has a classic car dealership, Heritage Motors, and this Pantera was featured prominently. At one point the main character is negotiating the sale of his business inventory, and he says something like, "If you want my 1971 DeTomaso Pantera, you will have to buy the whole collection."

From another scene the characters are on the brink of a shootout around this Pantera…

Chuck Melton


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