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About 25 years ago I looked at a car much like this that was in a "Wrecking yard" in Georgia.

It was priced at $15,000. At the time Hall had a "sheet metal" package which replaced all of the steel exterior skins for something like 18 or 20 thousand dollars.

Bev Hall said, "what are you crazy?" when I told her what it was for.

At the time 30 to 35 thousand was top dollar for a Pantera.

Unfortunately passion over rules sensibility often.

You can get a car painted today for $10 thousand BUT the paint the way that you want it is about $40 thousand.

This still all makes no sense.
I sure wish we could have the chassis numbers for these cars. Chuck Melton's registry and our own forum records (available to all) could surely use them.

Is there a member living close to the Beverly Hills Car Club who would be willing to drive by and acquire the VIN numbers from time to time?

Their address is 4576-1/2 Worth Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90063

Which is actually East Los Angeles, nowhere near Beverly Hills.

If so please contact me privately.


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