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I'm not so sure. Might be a good project to play with. I can see an easy 5K in parts, it probably will need minor sheet metal figure another 2 to 3k. If you can paint yourself all the better, if not add another 6K
If the car sells for 15K, either way you put it, a 20,000 mile car finished for under 30K is reasonable. If you can do the work yourself it might be worth looking at. Then again, E-bay can be a roll of the dice, who knows
Well I do agree, Buyer beware. Buyer beware on any car. I am less concerned about what the broker is trying to sell, than the actual condition of the car. I suspect that the seller is Guy Anderson. I don't expect Guy (or any broker) to give any detailed information about the car to prospective bidders. I do have a little first hand knowledge on this, you see the car in my avitar. I purchased it from Guy Anderson about 2 years ago. It looked terrible in the e-bay ad. When I looked the car over it was pretty good for a car that needed full resto. I did not get lucky, I did my homework. While everyone backed away, I got in my car, drove 10 hours to just north of Atlanta, inspected the car, got it running, bought it and drove back. This car may not be worth that kind of time, but one only knows for sure by going and looking at the car. I am not trying to defend the seller or the car but for me, I will keep an open mind.
As I've said in so many words many times before:
ANY, I mean ANY, Pantera that is purchased without at least an up-in-the-air on a lift inspection and a full-warm-up city-highway test drive is a recipe for trouble.

That inspection should include a hammer and a center punch and their use in any and all areas known for rust, and there are a lot of those areas. A solid car, and a solid seller,will find no damage done from such an inspection.

For would-be owners, if you do not know how to inspect a Pantera, find someone who does and take them with you.

Perhaps no other car so thoroughly demands you respect the old adage:

Buyer beware!

My car is a steal!!!

Maybe it is....

But, you just bought this back in September.
Here is the link to the online photos:

For more pics just change the last 2 digits on the link (from 01 through 64)

Did you find you bought a rust bucket or what?

If the engine is the only issue, that is a simple $3-$5K fix if one is thrifty and smart and just wants a basic rebuild.

Your pricing seems er, um, ridiculously low, and thus enters the realm of suspiciously low.


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Originally posted by garth66:
The Ebay project car went for $21,100!!! I hope whoever bought it had a really good look at it!

And, I hope they show up here, because they're going to need A LOT of good advice and help if that car is to be properly repaired.

I hope that this individual is a body man and mechanic. If the engine and ZF are sound (A big if) there is still 5K of parts without any labor. Than this would be a good value.

If the new owner is going to pay for the labor, than the value is questionable. And in this buyer's market I have seen Panteras at 25-30 K that were in far better condition.
I purchased my first Pantera from Guy Anderson, and he wasn't exactly straight forward about a bunch of things! The Pantera was a rust bucket that had been wrecked but someone covered everything in a nice coat of primer to hide what they had discovered! In some spots the bondo was over 3/4 inch thick! Then the parts he promised me he never sent me which ended up costing me an extra $1000 to replace. So Guy if you are reading this it has been over 2 years and I am still awaiting the taillights, electrical wiring harness, etc you promised? Also I spent an entire summer replacing all of the body panels AND RUSTED FRAME parts that you said were good?!
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