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I own the #2254 and i don't have much history informations on the car and no id plate for the engine numbers. I looked on the engine block but it should be a 5 Numbers id but i can see 2B222874. Is there any way i can find out if its matching number? Can you tell me what is your engine number on your #2255 so i can find out what should be the real number on my car? Thank you!
There should be an aluminum tag pop-riveted to the left side inner fender that has the engine number printed on it.

It's either a 4 or 5 digit number. I forget which at the moment.

It should be stamped into the engine block on the top of the block, near where the heads mount to the block, above the bell house, on a "tab" on the block.

I don't recognize that number as a Pantera engine, that you are reading?

If the block came out of another car like a Mustang or Torino,etc, the serial number of that car would be stamped into the top of the block.

It would start with the year, 1970 = 0, 1971 = 1, 1972 = 2, all the way up to '73 on a US market car.

The second character would be the assembly plant and would be an alphabet letter.

My 68 Shelby for instance would be 8T02J149308.

The block was stamped 8T 149. It did not have the engine code (J) or the complete consecutive unit number (149308) stamped into it.

What you have on your block could be 3 for the model year, B for the assembly plant, the rest the consecutive unit number.

I don't know which assembly plant is identified as B, but it looks like it's likely your block is not original to the car?

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