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The ProvaMo Registry shows this restored car was entered into the registry on 7-17-2012, for sale at Long Beach Customs for $72,500.

That is top dollar for sure, but you would have at least that much into one if you built it yourself.

If you want it, better snag it quick because you have just published it on an international forum that currently has 60 guests lurking ... Wink
Its a nice car, the paint & interior appear nice; but its not 100% original nor is it a complete restoration.

I browsed the pictures quickly & saw the non-original exhaust, speakers cut into the door panels, the engine compartment coating has been removed from the wheel houses. The suspension, brakes, clutch don't appear to have been rebuilt, stock shocks appear untouched. There are a lot of rubber parts that I suspect are very old. There are parts of the car that have not been refurbished, they will not operate in showroom condition.

If you want a concours show car, you want a Pantera as close as possible to factory original. Whatever parts aren't factory original should be easy to return to originality. For $72,000 a Pantera should be 100% showroom original and everything should operate like the car was showroom new. This car doesn't fit that description.

If you want a driver, you want a Pantera that is not necessarily factory original, in fact it should be equipped with a few key upgrades. But to ask top dollar for a driver it should be thoroughly refurbished. $62,000 would be top dollar for a thoroughly refurbished "driver" with the good upgrades. This car doesn't fit that description either.

Hi Skippr1999

George is 100% correct. For that kind of money this car should be as near to 100% original as possible.

To add perspective (now come the shameless promotion) I will be offering this 73 L with 40K miles, very clean local show worthy driver with zero miles on newly rebuilt engine. Tires so new they still have the stickers still on them. Car will be listed here and in Hemmings in about 3 weeks for $53,000 and it is a whole lot closer to N.C. You could come and check it out in person.
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