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Kjeld, I see thru your many posts you are willing to take on what most would consider a daunting task. I commend you. Someone has to take on projects like this one and bring these cars back to life, cost and time be damned.I am of that same type, but just do not have the funds to take on a project like this at the present time.If and when you find your project, please keep us posted. I love seeing a car come together.
Hi All.

Thanks for your coment.
I have ask the seller about more Photos of the car, Photos about the damed/rust ,underneed the car, and in the trunk where the batteri is standing. until now no extra Photos.
I agre with you Lastpushbuttom with the not so welldone rust reparring in the Picture. this one have to be redone.
I dont see this as a big problem.
I will try and contact Kirk Evans. thanks for the information.
Just for information the bid is on 20.000 and the it is over the reserve.
hav to see haw high it goes.

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