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YouL have to open the pictures in Microsoft Photo Editor and then click on Image , Resize, make sure you save as (use a different name or you`ll loose you better pics)or use Paint then stretch/skew pics a % again save as different name.
I saw this car in April - That's what made me change my mind and get a Z06 Vette. The car handles great, runs pretty good (not as good as the Vette) - the current owner put quite a few bucks in it getting it sorted out.

The paint is in ok condition, you can see that it has been polished so much that the paint is worn on some of the edges of body lines. The car has no air conditioning (or it's not working). The interior is done in a gray wrinkle GT-5 style. From about 5 feet away looks great, the car is very mean looking. I wasn't too keen on the Hall wheels, I would put on a set of 10 spokes.

The owner originally had the car listed in eBay with an opening bid of $70,000 plus reserve - too much for me and I feel too much for this car.

I did spend more seat time in this car than any other Pantera, that's when it became apparant that unless you are working the clutch, there's no place to comfortably put your left foot.

Call me a wimp or a wuss, but since I had knee surgery a few years ago, I can't keep my leg in one place for too long. If it wasn't for the lack of leg room I would have tried to work out a deal on this car.

The car's been for sale for a while, maybe the seller is a little more motivated to make a sale.

Good luck.
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