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It is registered in the De Tomaso Registry:

An excerpt from a lengthy description and photo collection.

"1972 Detomaso Pantera. Over $110,000 invested. New parts from top to bottom. This car is always garaged and has been "babied." It has had a thorough restoration from top to bottom. I bought this car on EBay and have had it for over 2 years. This car was on the show circuit for ten years and has won numerous awards. "


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If you don't already know Adams Hudson, you should look him up (he's a member here) because he's got a beautiful '74 Pantera (well, if you're color-blind Big Grin) and I'm sure he'd be very happy to share his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm. You'll be glad you did.

I appreciate it, I found the car listed and the price he is wanting just had me curious,the site is and it is listed for less than what you posted in this reply above. I have looked at a few Pantera's but they wasn't what I was looking for.
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Sorry to tell you this, but I fear something is very wrong with that Recycler ad. I found it and it shows an asking price of $45,000 negotiable. This car (and yes the one pictured on Recycler) has always appeared to me to be one of the best, most over the top Pantera restorations ever, has been featured in magazines, etc. It should sell for FAR more than that, especially being in California close to so many Pantera lovers, unless it's majorly wrecked. Someone should have Recycler look into this listing.

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It appears that you have to submit a car to the registry in order to search and view other cars' information. There's a ton of pics and info on 3287 but here's all the text:

This car was offered for sale on 5/13/2008 with the following details and photos:

WARNING!! If you don't like attention and crowds, don't buy this car. Arguably one of the nicest Panteras around!

1972 Detomaso Pantera. Over $110,000 invested. New parts from top to bottom. This car is always garaged and has been "babied." It has had a thorough restoration from top to bottom. I bought this car on EBay and have had it for over 2 years. This car was on the show circuit for ten years and has won numerous awards. 

Spanning a 5-year project beginning with a "no expense spared." complete body-off restoration. Every nut and bolt was removed and replaced or restored with either zinc plating, or anodized finish. The body was then acid dipped drying the seams with a torch. It was followed by several coatings of self etching zinc primer with all the seams resealed. So this car will never rust! Original G-T5 flares were welded and all body work done using lead, no body filler was used on the car. The 351-Cleveland engine was built by Specialty Auto Works who specializes in Ford's and recommended by Beverly and Gary Hall of The Famous Hall Pantera outfit. The engine has less than 700 miles on it and is just starting to losen up.

The engine features SVO Roller Rockers, ported and polished heads, new clutch, fly-wheel and bearings. New intake manifold and carburator. There are to many details to list and receipts to show recent work.

An article written in Pantera International Magazine from the Carmel Show says, "this shot shows what we believe to be the most impressive presentation of a 351-Cleveland engine ever!" "Detailing is absolutely phenomenol!" Winner of the 2007 "Best Engine Award" Rod and Custom Car Show in La Quinta, CA. 

The car has polished stainless steel firewall, fender well inserts, and pressure overflow tanks. The suspension has all new polyurethane bushing and new rubber moldings. The interior is light grey leather with burlwood inserts and removal steering wheel. It also sports a brand new rotary air conditioning system. 

I encourage you to come see this car or ask any questions. I will do my best to tell you all I know. Please only serious buyers. This car is for sale locally and I reserve the right to end this auction early. Hurry while it is still available.

Here is an advertisement from 11/17/2005:

This car started out with only 25,000 miles on it. then we took every nut and bolt off of the whole car. it was then acid dipped the seams were dried with a torch and then self-etching zinc primer was applied so the car will not rust. the flares were welded on and lead (no body filler was used on any of the car). the complete engine compartment was finished off with the same quality as the self etching primer was applied and all the seams were re-sealed. after that epoxy primer was on the bottom and insides of the car. acrylic urethane primer was applied to the body. the car was block sanded and primered 4 times...the bottom of the car was painted with rocker paint..the outside was painted 7 times and color sanded with deltron acrylic urethane black. the car has a stainless firewall, fenderwell inserts, pressure overflow tanks, polyurethane bushings, new rubber moldings. all suspension parts were powdercoated, light gray leather interior with burlwood inserts, removable steering wheel. Engine has a Clay Smith Cam, SVO Roller Rockers, Heads Ported and Polished the car presently has webers but if my reserve is met you can have the option of fuel injection also. the car won 1st place at the Concours Italiana in Carmell and many other shows. An artical written in a magazine from the carmell show states "this shot shows what we believe to be one of the most impressive presentations of a 351 cleveland engine ever....detailing is absolutely phenomenal also Barry's Pantera which had the deepest paint job we have ever could swim in that paint!!!"......i have invested 125k+ and 5 years in this car....the car comes with a custom built enclosed trailer that was specially made for this car.....well i can go on and if you would like to hear more information call Barry at 530-241-6159
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