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Not sure if the pictures are incorrect, if its a scam, or if this person just doesn't know what the heck hes got??? The wide interior shot shows an "L" dash but the speedo closeup is a dual pod??? Pushbutton? Flat deck lid??? Factory sunroof??? Whaaaaat?

Ebay Pantera
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The pic of the odometer in Chuck Melton's registry showed 18,000 kilometers. (11,000 miles). I see so many cars claiming low mileage that I've become jaded regarding the believability of such claims. I could be wrong of course.

This pic from the ad on eBay with 20,000 kilometers is believable as far as it indicates 2000 kilometers have been logged since the picture at Chuck Melton's registry. Notice the speedometer is mounted in an early dual pod dash.


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This pic is from the ad on eBay, showing the entire interior. Notice this interior has a late model dash. It appears to be the interior of a North American GTS (clock, steering wheel, seat covers). However notice the rear view mirror in the picture is not the same as the Vitaloni California rear view mirror in the first picture. The interior in this picture is not the interior of #3770.


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FWIW response from seller;

I have 2 panteras, the pics shown, some are incorrect, from the 74 GTS for sale as well. Not advertised yet. Ebay will not allow me to show the correct photos because someone placed a bid !! This 72 GTS I bought from a senator in Ohio. 1 of 360, he flew to Modena Italy, and this is the only one in existence with custom moon roofs, and the seats are cloth. I have all Documents !

Moon roofs!! - sure hope the A/C Works.

One way to verify the story of a particular car is to email RS Corse i Modena. They have info about all panteras in their archives.

I was there a couple of weeks ago and looked my panteras up. They will answer questions about cars over mail, but if you wan't copies of the documents - you'll have to pay.
Hey Guys, just looking at this car being sold again, if an American custom order a Euro GTS with US gages/lights to get the larger engine (higher compression, suspension, brakes) that was not provided to the USA, could he been able to actually get the car delivered to the US? How would I confirm this as true or not?
Thanks Rocky, The story I am getting from the original owner was that this was his second Pantera and did not want a US GTS because it was only cosmetic changes. He wanted more performance. Thus a flight to Italy and a request to take an in production std US Pantera (lights gauges, badges etc) and upgrade the engine, suspension and brakes. I see it has group four brakes, but how do I check the engine compression ratio? I am new to Pantera's any suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks again for the fast response.
At this point the compression ratio wouldn't tell you a lot, only way would be to tear it down and look at the parts installed, that is assuming it is all still original.

There are recounts of De Tomaso invoicing for high performance engines and not actually installing them!

If it has the paper trail to document what it is and history then it's worth what a GTS is worth, without that it's just another Pantera IMO. No wait... it's got those moon roof thingy's, take 20% off!

I have my doubts that the Marti will provide much. I like the reports for other Ford Products but they lack a lot of information for the Pantera. In Marti's defense his reports are only as good as what he could get from Ford and I think many will agree that the paper work especially regarding specifics between Ford and Detomaso are less than thorough or complete.
Originally posted by Otis:
I have my doubts that the Marti will provide much. I like the reports for other Ford Products but they lack a lot of information for the Pantera. In Marti's defense his reports are only as good as what he could get from Ford and I think many will agree that the paper work especially regarding specifics between Ford and Detomaso are less than thorough or complete.

The Marti report will show if the car was a US sold car. It will show the dealer and the first sold date.

It will also show the serial number which will tell the unit number and the original build date.

Ford HAD ACCURATE records on that and by agreement with Marti, gave or sold those records to Marti. Those are Ford's records of US cars. Period. They are accurate.

Marti does not have Warranty service records on the US Panteras.

It will not, of course, show the "day two" modifications. The modifications on the Pantera under discussion are "day two" even if the "factory" did them.

There are no Marti reports on Euro sold cars. Only US cars sold through Ford.

A car that was sold new in the US is very unlikely to have been sent back to the factory for modifications.

If you think about it, the US cars and the Euro cars were actually two different car companies at the point of Ford involvement until the point that Ford abandons the project, sells the remaining cars on the assembly line in Italy to Detomaso for $1, and gives Detomaso the dollar to buy them.

At the time of US marketed Panteras, if one purchased a Pantera in Europe, you would not get a US bound car "pulled out of the line" by Detomaso. Those were Ford of the US property.

Euro Panteras were not assembled on the assembly line. The shells were delivered separately and assembled separately to the specs of which country they were going to and what the original buyer wanted added or deleted to the car.

Where their serial numbers fell into order with the US cars would only be shown in the Detomaso records, not the Ford US records.

Ford owned 80% of Detomaso, giving Detomaso 20% and all of the Euro market.

I would maintain that the Marti report is essential to determining all of this since it positively identifies a US car.

My opinion for what it is worth, which granted isn't very much, this is a modified "US" car being sold by someone who has no ability to determine the real facts and is singing a song that they think sounds right to a buyer.

So really the question to me is who is the nature of the buyer on Panteras now? Are they educated buyers or are they speculators who are hedging their bets?

There is no question that this information has been talked about here before and if one pays attention would have read this info here already. There really is no longer speculation about it being a US or Euro car if it has a Marti report for it.

Of course this forum is a loose association of many with no requirement to attend or pay attention. There often is so much accurately detailed information that one likely would miss it if they were causal observers that just dropped in occasionally "reading the headlines" and not the text, like skimming a newspaper for easy details.

I often need to go back at a later date to review what was posted and realize what I missed the first time through. Maybe missed even the second time as well? It sometimes seems to have gotten to the point that some of this information could be considered well beyond even a Master's degree but you might need a Master's in Panteras just to realize it now? Big Grin
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Yes you will know if it is a US Pantera and you will get the dealership that it was "sold from," however just as with Shelby's (or lots of other cars) it doesn't mean that it was actually sold from that dealership to a customer. I could be wrong but I believe that these numbers do not take into account of dealer transfers. Were Pantera's only ordered from or sold at certain authorized dealers? I have been told that you will not find a Ford era Pantera with Canada on the Marti report even though you could buy one brand new in Canada. Can anyone confirm this? I know for sure that one Calgary Ford Dealership that was not Metro Ford the authorized Shelby dealer, often picked up performance cars brand new through Great Falls Montana. From looking at some of the Marti reports Great Falls moved quite a few Pantera's I would say more than what was likely actually sold by them to real customers. I know we are not talking about a Pantera north of the border, but it gives an example of how cars could be moved around by dealers.
If you find where the Pantera was listed as being sold from, they may or may not have records of the car being sold in house or moved to another dealership. Another dealership could very well do modifications and there would be little to no paper trail.

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