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#4170 is listed on eBay again with some interesting changes in description.

The October listing text had the mileage as 48,252, but this new listing by a car dealer has 44,418...maybe a typo in the original listing?

The new listing says the front trunk is unmolested, but the October listing showed the front trunk without carpet...maybe pulled back?

The October listing says it was repainted, but the new listing just says its in the "original bright red finish..."

The October listing mentioned the carb was replaced, the new listing just mentions the carb model number in the context of the "original" engine.

The October listing mentioned the rear tires needed to be replaced. The new listing mentions miles on the front tires, but neglects to say anything about the rear tires other than their size.

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Welcome mdakar!

We will help you sort your Pantera out so you can get maximum enjoyment and value out of it no matter the condition. Some of us got screaming deals on our cars, and some of us paid top 'whack', the botom line is we all thoroughly love and appreciate our cars and help each other make them better. Please post some pictures when you can and gives us YOUR description of it.

You have a great family of enthusiastic Pantera owners in Canada to join with. They are very supportive.

You've come to the right place, good luck!

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