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Just the messenger.....nice looking Pantera once owned by author Matt Stone offered for sale without reserve at the Russo & Steele Scottsdale event in January.

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So Matt owned the car from 1981-1994 with adtional owners prior to my friend Steve in 2002. That's how I connected with Steve. being blown away with his Pantera resto. I then convinced him to restore # 3463.

My car was once owned by someone famous; "Mike Mayberry."

Nobody remembers I constantly chirp about and have posted pics of # 4357???


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Originally posted by king:
thanks for the comment about being famous....i wish i were famous...mike

Mike. You're a rock star.

I grew up in the South Bay (Harbor City). Peyton L/M was literally in my back yard. I could drive to Murphy L/M in a 1/2 hour. Bill Stroppe's shop on Signal Hill was even closer. I've been in love with Panteras since 1971. I've had my ear on the Pantera world for 30 years via my connections with various Ford performance shops. I always knew when I bought a Pantera I'd buy it from Mayberry L/M. You're the L/M dealer who kept on keeping on. I thank you for that. Honestly, no bull.

I purchased 6018 from Mike in 2004. He has my highest recommendation. Mike is as passionate about these cars as the rest of us.

Jack, # 3463 is a 1972 PRE L. Paint is a Ford Laser Red with Pearl added. A "Mike Mayberry" creation > a true 1 off color.

# 4357 was Steve's Pantera. 1972 L

Mike you are indeed famous! I consider myself lucky to have # 3463. Your keen sense of a true gem and the 1st resto made for an unbelievable canvas for my resto.

Dave # 3463


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Originally from Deloreans & Detomasos
All I can say is I envy you guys. Not only for your cars but for the scenery.... as I'm reminded of what is coming my way in a few weeks time living in NY

Deloreans & Detomasos, I live in central New Jersey, and I too am preparing for whats to come. But my real question is this: are you actually living in Queens? I have a tough enough time finding good roads on the edge of the Jersey Pine Barrens to drive. Where do you take your car to "stretch its legs?"
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