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I guess this falls under the catagory of "I'd rather be lucky than good" Trying to track down a electrical problem with the turn signals not working. Pushed in the hazard button, nothing. happened to bump into the wiring harness under the dash near the speedo while the hazard button was depressed and everything started working again. Just a loose connection. I'll take good luck any day of the week.
Feeling a bit of an idiot at the moment. Could not get a good brake peddle. Bought new master cyl, rebuilt the calipers with new seals and pistons and went for the steel braided brake hoses. Changed from dot 3 to 5, flushed and bled the system still could not get good brakes. After hours of trying to figure it out, I called for help only to find I had the front calipers on the wrong side which meant the bleeder screw was at the low point on the caliper and therefor could not get the air out of the system. Stupid mistake cost plenty of $$$ and hours of head ace . Now to figure out why my clutch peddle goes to the floor. Also just flushed and changed to Dot 5.
Originally posted by Rocky:
Great looking car. If the turn signals don't work, bump the wire bundle by the speedo.

PS> You need to change your screen name now!


Thanks, but I can't take the credit for how it looks.

Actually the right hand turn signal was playing up on the front so I gave the bulb a tweak and it was fixed! But then the other side stopped working.....oh well at least the right works!

I can't think of a new name so it will just have to stay. Smiler
Quick-fix suggestion, Wannabe:
use a wire brush inside the bulb sockets. If the socket is badly corroded after wire brushing, carefully wrap the bulb with a couple of turns of aluminum foil to increase its OD, until you can get around to replacing the questionable socket. Corrosion causes a number of bad connections in our DeTomasos and using Lucas components causes the rest!
Originally posted by Steeler:
Nice Car Smiler

Hey thanks Steeler! You should have said hello?

Thanks for the advice Boss but as it turns out it was just one of the dual filaments was blown and making it do strange things, probably a bad earth too which the new bulb solved.

Thanks Kitty, I love the wheels too. I have to hit you up for that carb soon, need a new seatbelt buckle too. I jumped in the car the other day and found it exploded all over the place. I will send you an email. Smiler

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