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Maybe 5 years ago the son of the original owner of 5137 posted here. We emailed back and forth about him sending me the original window sticker, but I never received it and have lost his contact info.

When I search for 5137 nothing comes up.
Is there a way to search older posts?

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I remember that post, was that 5 years ago? Time flies.

As I've created new forums and shuffled threads around it seemed to break links people had saved for their favorite threads. And many if not all of the oldest threads are hard to find or impossible to find, the forum may auto-archive the oldest threads. The communitie's built-in search engine isn't very good either. I've always had the best luck searching all the posts of a certain member, since most members don't post that often.

If you remember his member name, that would be the first thing to try.

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