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Hello everyone.

Like some people may have noticed, I bought 'roofit7774' project Pantera. It's a -73 model with a VIN 5172.
The Cat arrived just two days ago in a container here in frosty Finland. It took almost two months to ship it from Vancouver.

I haven't yet had a time to get on the car properly, just only managed to get it inside the garage.
Here's some what I know:
- Glass fiber Gr4 arches
- Body completely rust free
- Interior done with Dynamat, leather and Dodge Viper seats
- Engine built by hotrod shop in Canada
- All the wirings done and also the cooling system

To be done during the years (my goal is to get it on the road perhaps summer 2017):
- Big brake kit
- 17" OZ Futura wheels (centers already bought)
- Paint (most likely some deep black)
- All the unattached parts that came with the car
- Probably restoring the original style headlights
- Many other things that will appear when I properly become familiar with the Cat

Excitement was huge. Spent thousands of euros of a car I haven't ever personally seen and has travelled 7 weeks from across the other side of the earth.

My father was once again amazed what I have bought (previously have owned Porsche 911 and Corvette C5). So anxious to have this car in their garage for the next few years Big Grin

Rolling the Pantera towards the garage..

It would take few lonely nights before it's done...

Dat ass...

And the last but not least: The 351.
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Hi Camo,
Fantastic looking project. I can appreciate the excitement! Very cool.

I agree also about changing the headlights. Since they are already modified, I think going to something like what Kimmosch shows would be a cool option, with a bad ass look. BTW...with what the OE buckets sell for anymore...this would be much cheaper too.

Keep us posted on your progress..... Thumbs Up!
Some progress with the Cat.
We started modifying the headlights back to the original style with my dad who is way more experienced with welding etc.
Because I didn't manage to get any of the original parts we decided to make those ourself.

Oh, those hideous lights..

Rough cut

Little bit cleaned hole. Gladly original frame was in mostly in good shape.

Welded a bit more lip to the frame.

New selfmade headlight cover. Because the part of the frame was cut away I didn't have correct shape for the cover. We made it close enough the original only using pics from the internet. Can't say thay are OEM, but neither is the car nor the engine.

I will be using those same headlights as there was already modified by previous owner. Just to make the headlight a little bit lower and smoother than the orginal big ones...

Mechanism for the lights will be used with linear actuator. I will post pics of it soon.
Actuator will be only on the other side and it turns the rod as the original motor does.

Then I will also modify those side grills which replaced the small windows behind the doors. I will make side scoops from the glass fiber. I need also fix the glass fiber front hood. It's quite unsuitable and twisted. Also the rear hood quicklock holes need to be welded and build mechanism for the opening.

My goal is to take car to the paintshop this summer.
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Oh, managed also to get GTS front lip from nick kimmosch. I think it will look pretty neat with that wide Gr4 body. Maybe later I will purchase proper Gr4 front spoiler.

The wheels are also under progress. I have already OZ Futura centers and all the rimbolts and I'm waiting the inner and outer lips for the rear wheels from the Belgium.

Rears will be 14x17" with 335/35 tyres and fronts will be 11,5x17" with 275/35 tyres .
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A bit more about the lights.

Headlight cover

The bucket itself.

The turning mechanism. Still without any adjustments. The linear actuatos attaches to that lever and there will be screw to adjust the correct angle. Actuators length is 155mm and the travel is 50mm.

Tight fitment.

Adjustment can be done from the side. There will also be covers for boths sides of the bucket.

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Thanks for the positive comments.

Yes the lever will propably change when I receive the actuator and we manage to adjust entire mechanism completely.

Few kilos aren't so big problem for me. The engine should push over 500bhp and if the car feels too slow, let's tickle a couple more horses out of the engine Big Grin

Oh, I didn't mention that I sold those Dodge Viper seats. Most likely I will put very lightweight Porsche 997 GT3 seats with 6-point harness.
Some recent progress...
Because pictures tell more than 1000 words, here we go!

Cutted those vents away..

My first idea was to make those scoops from glassfiber, but once again my dad's ideas seems to be more easier with better resolution. Now sidescoops will be made of aluminium.
Here is a cardboard model of the scoops.

My car was missing the rear grill. It was made easily and following the original style.

Been quite busy lately, but managed to make some progress today.

My welding skills arent't as good as my fathers, but still I welded those deltawing mounting holes and rear decklid quick release holes.

Moved the position of front sidemarkers/parking lights little bit lower.

The base for the parking lights.

And the parking lights tight against the base, which will be welded to the body.
Yes, these aren't the original Pantera lights, don't lynch me for that. I was unable to find original two color sidemarkers so after couple of hours in ebay I found these KE30 Toyota Corolla lights. If you as me, they fit very nicely to the Panteras body shape and were a whole lot cheaper than original ones would have been.

Originally posted by UFO-LOW:
Camo, that is a very clever choice for lights. They are so flat, they must be LED. You may have started a trend.

How did you make the base? That is a nice piece of work. Rodney.

Actually they are not LED. There will be another piece inside and holes for the bulbs to the base.
Baseplate is made just with correct size ironmold and huge hydraulic press.
Originally posted by David_Nunn:

Did you know, the 2nd Si prototype (9602) was fitted with OZ Futuras? Here's a photo:

Do yours have the same center caps?

Wow, I really didn't know that.

I don't yet have the center caps, but either I'll manufacture those myself or I search ebay if someone has the original caps.
Try Wheel Couture (e-mail: They might have a set of OZ Futura center caps for sale. I know they've sold a few sets of reconditioned Futuras recently. There were at least two different styles of Futura center cap, so make sure you get photos, so you know what you're getting. The later style had a carbon fiber ring and recessed logo, which you may not like as much as the early style that was used on Si 9602.
Some progress finally. I really try to get the car to the paintshop this July.

While I was on vacation, my dad manufactured the new aluminium hood. Previously the hood was made of fiberglass, but it was cracked and twisted and didn't follow the shape of the nose correctly. It would had need a whole lot of work with fiberglass so we decided to try to manufacture the skin and the frame by ourself.

A little tryout with the GT5 vents..

Originally posted by Rocky:
That hood is great! Wow, really nice work.

Would your Dad be mad if you didn't install those grills? That hood looks best all by itself.


Sorry, but a bit too late Big Grin
I really like those GT5 grills so the holes were made. Well, we can always make a new hood if I want to get rid of those grills..

Then to the problems. The engine won't start. I have MSD ignition system with Optima RedTop battery. It has been tested also with other battery. The engine cranks but the spark is missing. I'm totally lost with the electrics so I don't know what to do. Is the problem in the ignition box or the coil or in the distributor?
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