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1973, DeTomaso Pantera, Eurpoean GTS, Chassis # 5318, 97,000 miles

Previous owner was EPA member, John Granauro.

A 3 year refurbishment will be completed by the end of March. All major mechanical, electrical and cooling systems are new and/or upgraded.

The following parts have been either replaced with new or added new:


Complete Set of Urethane Suspension Bushings(Collector’s Choice)
Timken Bearings in Rear Uprights(Collector’s Choice)
Front Wheel Bearings(Collector’s Choice)
Heim Joints in Upper Rear A-Arms(Collector’s Choice)
Sway Bar Spherical End Bushings(Dennic Quella)
Aldan Eagle Height and Ride Adjustable Shocks(Aldan Direct)
Wilwood Brake Calipers, Super-Lites(Wilwood Direct)
Wilwood Billet E-Brake(Dennis Quella)
Camber Lock Kit
Disc Brake Hats Safety Wired
Steering Rack – Rebuilt
New Rear Rotors(Collector’s Choice)
GTS 7/8” Front and Rear Sway Bars
A-Arms Powder Coated Black
Polished Aluminum Rear A-Arm Covers
Chassis Brace System, Black Powder Coated (Precision Pro-Formance)


427 Cubic inch, 700 HP, MME Clevor (MME)
Engine Dynoed at 713HP peak horsepower, produces a consistent 695HP @ 7000RPM

Heads: CHI 3v 218cc, intake port
Pistons: Ross, Forged, Aluminum
Valves: Manley, Nextek, Severe Duty, Stainless Steel
Cam: Comp Cams Custom, Mechanical Roller
Rocker Arms: Jesel, Shaft Mount, Aluminum, 1.75 Ratio
Intake: CHI
Carbuerator: Holley HP, 1000cfm
Crank: Scat Lightweight
Connecting Rods: Scat, H0Beam, 4340 Forged
Distributor: MSD 8578, Billet, Small Diameter
Ignition: MSD 6520
Oil Pan: Aviaid, 8 Quart, Windsor, Aluminum, Pantera
Flywheel and Clutch: McLeod Double Disc and Aluminum Flywheel(D. Quella)
Headers, Custom, w /3” collectors and down pipe (Pat Mical)
Mufflers, Custom Modified Big Bore System


17 x 8 inch Etoile Shooting Stars front, w/gold accent. w/ 245-40-17 tires
17 x 11 inch Etoile Shooting Stars rear, w/gold accent, w/ 315-35-17 tires


Carbon Fiber Secondary Dash Panel with Horizontal Lay-Out(Wilkinson)
Carbon Fiber Console Support for Secondary Gauge Panel(Wilkinson)
Auto Meter Cobalt Gauges in Secondary Gauge Panel (Auto Meter Direct)
Modern Switch Gear for Secondary Switch Gear(Wilkinson)
Electric Vitaloni Baby Turbo Mirrors
Updated Fusebox with Modern Blade Switches and Relays (Pantera East)
Custom Billet Aluminum Shift Gate
Machined Aluminum 5-Speed shift Knob, Gear Pattern w/Red Inlay
Insulation Kit (Quiet Ride Solutions)
Carpet Kit(Precision Pro-Formance)
Felt Kit, Front Trunk (Precision Pro-Formance)


Car was completely disassembled and stripped to bare metal. Work was just short of a rotisserie restoration. Full photographic documentation of the entire process from start to finish is available.

1st Coat, Primary Color: PPG Vibrance Line, Magenta
2nd, Coat, Secondary Color: PPG Gloss Jet Black
Third Coat: PPG Clear
Lettering: Gold
Undercoat: 3M

GTS front spoiler
Rear Deck Sugar Scoop Spoiler
Rear Deck Amerisport Delta Wing
European Circular Front Marker Lights.
European Rear Turn Signals
European Small Front Bumpers w/intergrated Turn Signals
European Small Rear Bumpers
Correct Riveted on Fiberglass Flairs
Polished Stainless Steel Rivets


Custom Competition 5-Row Radiator w/Shroud and Fans (Collector’s Choice)
Stainless Steel polished Pressure and Overflow Tanks(Hall Pantera)
Polished Water Bottle Bracket(Hall Pantera)
Billet Blue Anodized Water Bottle Caps(Hall Pantera)
Stainless Steel, Polished Water Tubes(Hall Pantera)
Rear Sway Bar Bracket and Bushing Cover, Black Anodized w/DeTomaso and Isis Logo (Precision Pro-Formance)
Carbon Fiber Splash shield, Front and Rear
Rotary A/C Compressor, R134
A/C Lines
A/C Dryer
Polished Stainless Steel A/C Condensor Cover
Main Battery Cables
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Yes pictures are required if you post here by decree, especially if you don't post a price.....hehe Big Grin

I see you used a lot of Collector's Choice aftermarket parts. I hadn't realized their product line was quite so extensive and a quick web search turned up no website, do they have a catalog or anything one can refer to or is it a case one needs to call and discuss individual wants & requirements?

Yeah, it's not worth much, probably less than half what you spent on upgrades. But, I'm happy to help you out of whatever bind you find yourself in that would cause you to consider such an option. I'll offer you half of what you spent on upgrades for the car as is. Always glad to help a Pantera brother out!
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