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Harwell Motors of Denton Texas is selling this Pantera on eBay:

Pantera #5405 on eBay

The seller claims this is a European Pantera, and if you examine the pictures closely this car appears to be a '77 to '79 vintage European GTS, that has been retro-fitted with a poorly installed US rear bumper, US front bumper, US side marker lights and 15 x 7 front & 15 x 8 rear wheels. The only thing out of place is the narrow rear license plate cut out. Oh, the nice Euro steering wheel has been replaced with the ugly Capri steering wheel that was oem on US Panteras.

The seller lists the VIN number of this car as THPNL05405, however the true VIN number of chassis #5405 is THPNNM05405. Chassis 5405 was a 1973 vintage Pantera with a Vignale coach. The overwhelming evidence points to this being a '77 to '79 vintage Pantera with either a Maggiora or Embo coach. It appears the VIN being advertised is not the original VIN belonging to this vehicle.

Robert Covey brought the car to Peter Havlik's attention, Peter brought it to my attention. The car has been discussed on the POCA mail list. I feel its important to get the word out to you guys as well, as there are several guys shopping for Panteras at this time.
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Franz sent me an e-mail today and, as usual, I learned something. He pointed out to me that not all Maggiora cars had the wide license plate opening. Although I have very few photos of Maggiora Panteras, I do have one that shows both the wheel housings and the rear license plate opening and, sure enough, it has both the narrow license plate opening plus the squared off wheel housings.

Anyway, the point is that the car for sale that George is warning us about is not a 1973, and so the VIN is probably faked, in which case the car may have been stolen.
Originally posted by OnTheJuice:
...If you look at the VIN photo in the eBay listing it looks to me as if a 5 has been punched over a 9, which would make sense if this was an 80's GTS car...

#9405 is a formerly white and now red Pantera GT5 that used to be owned by Bjorn Lind and is now owned by Asbjørn Kolsrud of Skien, Norway.
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